Basement Remodeling

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Basement Ideas

A basement can serve as an additional bedroom, office, living room, wine cellar, fitness room or other use if it is well finished. A Naperville basement remodeling contractor can help you make the best out of your basement space. There are quite a variety of basement ideas that you can try out. Though basement remodeling may seem like an expensive investment, the benefits are just great especially if you have big family and want to entertain your numerous visitors. A contractor can professionally help you advance your great unfinished basement ideas and do all the reconstruction without giving you much expense.

Different choices for flooring the basement

The flooring of the basement determines its comfort. Normally, the basement will have a concrete floor. There are however different floor plans that you can consider in adding comfort in your extra room. Flooring materials like hardwood or carpets may be added on the concrete flooring. Whichever flooring you choose, remember to deal with moisture prevention. To do this, it would be better to apply some coats of epoxy to the concrete just before putting an additional floor. Wait until the epoxy completely dries before laying a new floor. Epoxy acts as a moisture barrier and therefore reduces floor damage for your basement.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing should be done during renovation. Basements will always have moisture issues and it will be better if your contractor deals with the problem in remodeling. Moisture is caused by warm air that leaks into a cool room through the rim joist. Insulating your basement waterproofing can solve these problems. You can do waterproofing of your basement or call a Naperville basement remodeling contractor to apply his workmanship on the job.

Putting a perimeter drain helps in gathering groundwater and carries it away from the foundations. Your drain should withstand clogs from soil. Monitoring sensors can be installed to detect leaks. Your landscaping should be done properly so that there is no space between the foundation and the soil. Plants should also be away from the foundations as they may direct water leaks in the basement. Basement remodeling ideas are endless and with a good contractor, you can have an extra room in your home no matter the size of your house.

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